At vento ludens we believe that the community is at the heart of all of our projects. We consult with our local communities from the beginning of our projects and throughout development as their local knowledge and input are invaluable. We strive to have a positive impact, to support the communities throughout the planning and project process and help them to engage with us in a meaningful way. By working openly and constructively with those neighbouring our sites, we can ensure the most sensitive design and tailored local benefits.

Community Benefit – Community benefit is an opportunity for communities to share in the rewards from a local energy resource. Our community benefit package is made up of three strands; a community fund, community investment (shared ownership) and benefits in kind. We work directly with community councils, organisations and a number of key stakeholders at the pre-planning submission stage in order to establish a package of benefit that will hopefully leave a lasting legacy long after the life of the project. Each community is different and starting from this position enables an open dialogue with no fixed pre conceptions as to the detail of the package.
This allows us to create a unique and appropriate community benefit package for that area. Once established, we maintain the relationship throughout the lifetime of the project in order to provide ongoing support and inturn help the community build a lasting legacy.

Our Contribution – vento ludens supports the Scottish Government Register of Community Benefit from Renewables. Our community benefit funds are listed here.

vento ludens published the research report ‘Securing the Benefits of Wind Power in Scotland: A New Concept in Community Benefit Provision’ in 2012, a piece of research on the future of community benefit. The report, commissioned by vento ludens and written by Docherty Consulting Ltd, recommends the establishment of a Community Benefit Charter and a best-practice process, to guide wind farm developers and communities when determining community benefit. vento ludens also contributed to the Scottish Governments Good Practice Principles for Community Benefits from Onshore Renewable Energy Developments (2013) and more latterly welcomed the Scottish Government publication of the Good Practice Principles for Shared Ownership of Onshore Renewable Energy Developments (2015).

The processes and administration of community benefits continue to evolve, and will be shaped by the local context, but we agree with the Scottish Government that there is huge potential to support models that allow communities to think strategically in order to maximise local gains and opportunity.

Our Technologies

It is clear that, in order to achieve our vision of a future renewable energy generation, harnessing the power of wind, sun and water is the key to success. This premise is reflected in our drive to develop energy generation projects that seek to capture these resources. We have a number of wind, solar photovoltaic (PV) and hydro development projects within our portfolio and development pipeline, and continue to seek viable and attractive opportunities across all three technologies.

The company

With vision and commitment, our family owned company has been leading the way with new development strategies for 20 years.

Operating across a range of renewable energy technologies, our experience enables us to work through the whole project life-cycle from project inception and feasibility to energy generation and operation. As a developer, investor and operator of wind, photovoltaic and hydro power, we continually manage commercial, environmental and community interests in a professional and sensitive way.

For Landowners

Do you own land and want a secure income for the next 25 years? Diversification into renewable technologies can offer a secure, long term revenue stream with little financial risk. Whether you have land suitable for wind turbines, solar panels or hydro power, we offer a complete turnkey service from inception to operation and have a proven track record of delivering consented projects. We also pride ourselves in listening to landowners and ensuring that the agreements we offer are bespoke.

Our main driver lies in working with you and supporting you as a partner – over the lifetime of the project.