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“Achieving more together”

As a landowner, you can simply lease your land to us, or be more actively involved in the development and funding of a project. Whatever the preference, it is our aim is to develop projects in partnership with landowners, ensuring that our developments are bespoke to the specific land ownership, constraints and opportunities.

Renewable energy also offers many opportunities for the wider community. Whether the community would like to come together and invest in renewable energy, or would like to be involved in working together to deliver a community benefit package, we can discuss what works for you.
We offer tailored solutions to everyone who has an interest in sustainable energy and all the positive benefits it can deliver.

Project participations at a glance


Regional energy projects make a lasting contribution at a local community level.

We consult thoroughly at the planning stage, as well as provide support and information during the construction of our renewable energy projects. We believe in openness, fairness and transparency.


Your land is your capital. You can use this land more effectively and achieve a long-term and permanent lease income with no extra effort. How does it work?

Make your land available for wind turbines, hydro power or solar PV systems. Here, you can find out the key facts and who to contact at vento ludens with your enquiries.


Renewable energy is a well-secured and long-term investment opportunity. As international experts in this field with many years of experience, we are offering you an investment in our projects and thus, a secure return.

Security. Competence. Trust.

Social responsibility

Gofila in Burkina Faso – a village with a future

Success should be shared. And we are happy to do this. The vento ludens Group therefore supports the association “Wir helfen Gofila und angrenzenden Regionen in Burkina Faso e.V.”, which was founded by the Walz family and their friends.

Here, we do not simply want to act as supporters, but rather to contribute towards helping people to become self-sufficient. With its 5,000 inhabitants, the Gofila village in Burkina Faso (Kaya Province) has many energetic hands and a great deal of enthusiasm for the contribution we make and the achievements gained.

In addition to material donations in the form of containers with relief supplies, it was also possible to implement practical projects mainly through financial donations. In order to avoid the problems of the dry season, the customary shallow wells were replaced by six deep wells. This resulted in improved water quality and more efficient farming practices resulting in the establishment of the “Market Garden”. With continued support, we are planning to install a solar-powered irrigation system.
Since 2013, we have had the great pleasure of working side by side with Mr Annicet Ouedraogo, who organises and coordinates all the building work, projects and concerns of the villagers on site.

In summer 2015, the construction of a primary school was completed and many children could look forward to starting school.

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Athlete Meggan Dawson-Farrell –
a woman with energy

vento ludens Limited are proud sponsors of the Scottish athlete Meggan Dawson-Farrell.

Meggan is a Para athlete, competing in wheelchair racing where it is generally speaking, extremely hard to receive funding for training and competitions. Meggan is an extremely determined young athlete with huge potential for success. vento ludens wishes to support Meggan in helping her maximise her potential and reaching her goals in 2016 and beyond.

Meggan is 22 years old and was born with spina bifida, a fault in the spinal column in which one or more vertebrae fail to form properly, causing damage to the nervous system and leading to limited mobility. Overcoming such a huge physical obstacle has made Meggan the strong, successful sportswoman she is today with high ambitions which vento ludens wishes to support.